Administrative Policymaking and Financial Regulation

  • “What Biased Rulemaking Looks Like” (conditionally accepted, Journal of Politics) (link).
  • “Meetings, Comments, and the Distributive Politics of Rulemaking” (revise and resubmit, Quarterly Journal of Political Science) (link).
  • “What’s at Stake in Rulemaking? Financial Market Evidence for Banks’ Influence on Administrative Agencies” (with Daniel Carpenter) (link).
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  • “What Public Comments During Rulemaking Do and Why” (with Steven Rashin) (link).
  • “Can the EU be a constitutional system without universal access to judicial review?” 36 Michigan Journal of International Law, 353-373 (2015) (link).

Access to Representation

  • “Experimentally assessing the ‘missing middle’ in studies of racial discrimination” (with Tirthankar Dasgupta) (link).

Political Economy

  • “How Does Wealth Influence Partisan Behavior: Evidence from a Government-Sponsored Intervention” (with Connor Jerzak).